15 December 2012

Bullfrog Brewery Returns To Bottles With Oud 15

Here’s some exciting local beer news coming today from Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport, PA.  Today we have label approval for Oud 15--malt beverage brewed with cherries & age din oak.  Oud 5 will be packaged in 750ml bottles and signals a return to bottling for Bullfrog Brewery so stay tuned.  Oud 15 is a Flemish style sour ale initially brewed as a quad, then aged for 2 years in red wine barrels that previously held Terry Hawbaker’s beer “The Jaspers”.  The beer is then blended and steeped with Montmorency sour cherries and bottle conditioned with Belgian candi sugars,  This beer celebrates 15 ears of Brewing at Bullfrog so please join me in wishing them a happy anniversary and an exciting return to bottles.

15 August 2012

Bullfrog Brewery Under Expansion

imageI heard from Steve Koch and I have some exciting expansion news to report from Bullfrog BreweryBullfrog purchased the former Bavarian Barbarian brewing system a few months ago, they have additional tanks coming in as well as 800 new kegs AND a truckload of barrels arriving next week.  With all the licensing now in place I’ll be excited to see what happens next so stay tuned!

18 May 2011

Bullfrog Brewery–Nate Saar

BullfrogLogoI’m happy to report that long time Bullfrog Brewery assistant brewery Nate Saar with be

taking the leading role in brewing operations at the frog.  Apparently recently hired head brewer Nick Micio has left the brewery.  Nick had been commuting to Williamsport and the long ride proved to be too much.  Congratulations to Nate!

01 March 2011

Bullfrog Brewery–New Brewers


I’m excited to report that Bullfrog Brewery will replace our pal Terry Hawbaker with Nate Saar and Nick Micio.  Nick comes to us from Fegley’s Brew Works (after an apprentice @ Russian River) and begins immediately.  The brewery will also celebrate the arrival (and departure of Terry) at a party this Sunday (March 6th 6PM)…so be sure to stop by.

01 October 2010

Bullfrog Events and News

From the frog:

Hi Friends,

First off, congratulations to our head brewer Terry Hawbaker for bringing back a Bronze medal from the 2010 Great American Beer Festival.  Terry's "The Jaspers" nailed a Bronze in the category of Barrel Aged Sours Beers. Yet another feather in the hat for Terry and the Bullfrog and we couldn't be happier!

October 1  is First Friday and with that comes another Kegs Gone Wild.  On tap this afternoon is a special treat - Barrel Aged Liquid Sunshine Reserva. We've only got 2 sixtols available, so get it while the gettin' is good!

Also on now is Festivus, our Oktoberfest offering.

The October entertainment calendar is now up.  As always, lots of great shows happening this month. Many debut bands, some returning favorites, and even a drum clinic!

Highlights include:

10.1 - Jimkata (Jamband)- Bullfrog Debut
10.2 - Saint Bernadette (Rock) with opener Joe Roberto & Poverty Hash (Blues/Soul/Rock) - Bullfrog Debut
10.3 - Archie Powell and the Exports (Gritty Melodic Pop) Bullfrog Debut
10.8 - Low Water (alt-pop from Brooklyn, NYC) - Bullfrog Debut
10.9 - Hymn For Her (Punky Americana)- Bullfrog Debut
10.11 - The Hot Seats (Raucous Bluegrass/Americana)
10.17 - Drum Clinic at Jermiah's with Yamaha and Sabian recording artist David Throckmorton (Dave Fiuczinski, Maynard Ferguson, Beam). David is a true master of live drum & bass and trip-hop drumming, as well as jazz and rock.  Truly a not miss event.  Benefits the Uptown Music Collective - 4pm open to public!

Following the clinic, David's band Smash Your Wagon will be performing downstairs at the Bullfrog - 8pm FREE SHOW!
10.22 - Nate Myers and the Aces - Bullfrog Favorite!
10.25 - Dustin Barlow (folk) - Bullfrog Debut

A complete listing is available at: http://www.facebook.com/l/b49d8QvNOOZS_LFVFSSTH6-PiUg;www.http://bullfrogbrewery.com/events.php

Have a wonderful October friends!


15 September 2010

New Beers from Bullfrog !

BullfrogCitra From Terry:

A few things for yer heads,   

I have 2 beers coming on tap Friday (9/17), Flying Frog ESB (Extra Special Bitter- check yer shiny pamphlets for what an ESB is)and Crystal-ized American Wheat.  Based on the success of the Citra-delic Summer Wheat I've decided to do a whole series of American Wheat beers featuring a single hop variety using the same base beer, this way you and our customers will really get a chance to taste the differences hop to hop.  This one, you guessed it, is Crystal.  Coming up on Sept.24th (Friday) I'll be releasing Hop-gasm Fresh Hop DIPA (double india pale ale), for this one I used the beer Deuane as a base then "wet Hopped" it with 60 pounds of fresh Citra hops (in technical terms that's a shitload). It's 9% abv and will be on CO2 instead of nitro (like deuane was).

And since people have been asking about an "Oktoberfest" beer I'm brewing Festivus, an amber ale that will be available around the first week of October(hopefully).

A couple other things I have planned for the very near future... KFc Pumpkin Stout (Kristen Fields Chocolate Pumpkin Stout, she gave me the idea and it will be served on nitro)... our "brewer for the day winner Doug Strouse's Raspberry Cream Stout... Pig Pig (a double bacon brown ale, yep bacon)... and don't forget about my collaboration with the Bavarian Barbarian, Gothika, a lightly smoked-black-double bock- lagered in freshly emptied Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels, 9.2%abv and it f**in' rocks!

26 August 2010

Bullfrog Local Harvest Fresh Hop Ale 8/27

BullfrogLogo If this doesn’t get you driving to Bullfrog Brewery…nothing will…

From the Frog:  Local Harvest Fresh Hop Ale coming on tap Friday. Made with our Sunrise Red as a base with 67 pounds of fresh, straight-from-the-vine, locally grown Cascade hops suspended in the serving tank for "wet hopping." This beer will evolve for the next week or so as it's served and the hops continue to give up their goodness.

04 June 2010

Bullfrog News

From the frog:


Hi everyone,

There are some new beers on tap today for First Friday in Williamsport. DREAD our double red, Downtown Brown, and Kegs Gone Wild for today is Wild Summer Session.

Lots of great bands happening in June.  Check out the June entertainment calendar at: http://www.facebook.com/l/47cd9;bullfrogbrewery.com/events.php

Also, if you haven't been down for brunch on Sunday you're really missing out! Stop in and check out all the delicious new specials Brooke is whipping up.  There's a whole slew of unique and insanely delicious specials each week!

Have a wonderful weekend!


14 May 2010

Bullfrog Brewery – American Craft Beer Week May 17th-May 23rd

BullfrogLogo What a great week to visit Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport, PA!
From the frog:

Next week, Monday May 17th through Sunday May 23, is American Craft Beer Week.

We've got a lot of beery tappings and happenings the whole week for you all - come out and show your support of your local craft brewer and brewery!!

Special tappings:

Monday May 17th
Busted Lawn Mower Saison 2009 - refermented in the keg with Brettanomyces yeast and wet hopped with locally grown Cascade hops.

Tuesday May 18th
Liquid Sunshine - a tank-aged sour blonde served on the handpump

Wednesday May 19th
Old World Porter - a special blend of our Roughneck ale and barrel-aged sour stout served on the handpump.

Thursday May 20th
Sucker Punch - a cask conditioned blend of Edgar IPA and Old Toad Barlywine aged for 1 year and served straight from the cask.

Friday May 21st
Lights Out Stout - an Imperial Stout aged 3 years in oak barrels with coffee, chocolate and an assortment of wild yeast, served on the handpump.

Saturday May 22nd
Barrel-aged Old Toad Barlywine - aged for 2 years.

Sunday May 23rd
Hibiscus Sunshine - a cask conditioned version of the Liquid Sunshine aged with Hibiscus flowers, served straight from the cask.